We all leave digital footprints when we are online. And we know our data are collected  by global corporations. It might seem an impossible challenge to avoid it. Now,  Findx has put together some simple tips to get you started.

Features of private search engines

You might think you’ll lose some features when you start using a private search engine, but there are actually a number of search engines with many great features that let you search in private. See the comparison chart and learn more about private search engines.

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Activateprivacy.com is your way to find simple tips for better online privacy. All articles are provided by Findx. Findx is an independent search engine from Europe.

Get Findx Privacy Control 

Review your Facebook Activity Log

Every action that you have ever taken inside Facebook or using one of its apps or social media buttons on websites has been logged. Take some time to review your Facebook history and delete anything you don’t want others to have access to.

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How do private search engines make money?

If you want to use a private search engine, one of the question that often is askes is “How do they make money?”. There various ways a search engine can keep you privacy and make money. See the comparison chart and learn more about private search engines.

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Privacy matters to us

Activate Privacy provides you with a number of small, actionable steps that you can follow that will help you take control of your online data and privacy, and help your children or elderly parents better protect themselves online.

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Protect your kids online

Help your child use the internet safely, and limit how much information big-data analysts can purchase from advertising companies to stop them building an accurate and detailed profile about your child.

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