Protect yourself and your friends on Facebook

Encourage your friends to tighten up their Facebook privacy settings too, as their settings impact how apps, websites they interact with, and friends-of-friends on Facebook can see your personal information.

Settings menu > Privacy

Step 1: In the Your activity section, you can tighten the security on past and future posts, and review everything that you’ve been tagged in.
We recommend that you remove all of the ‘tags’.

Step 2: Under How people find and contact you, change the following settings by selecting them from the drop down lists:

  • Who can see your friends list – Only me
  • Who can look you up using the email address or phone number – Friends or Only me
  • Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile – No
 Facebook Privacy settings and tools


Settings menu > Timeline and tagging

Change all of the Timeline and Tagging settings to be Friends, Only me, or Unavailable.

You also want to turn On the Review options so that no one can tag you in a photo or post without you having reviewed it first.

Settings menu > Public Posts

Posts that are public can be seen by anyone, including all apps and search engines. To protect your privacy, you will want to tighten up these tools and settings.

Set the following in your Public Posts configuration to Friends:

  • Who can follow me
  • Public Post Comments
  • Public Profile Info

Take control of your privacy on Facebook

Here are some more steps you and your friends can take to protect your privacy and continue using Facebook.