Protect your information from advertisers in Facebook

You can protect your personal information from being used by Facebook advertisers to target you with ads. This limits the number of third party advertisers who may have access to the private and personal data that you have stored in Facebook.

Go to Settings > Ads.

Under your interests, you’ll see everything that you’ve ever clicked on will be registered as an interest. This is what makes Facebook’s advertising model work so well.

Remove your interests

You need to click on the ‘Remove’ cross that is displayed when you hover over each ‘interest’, under each tab, including those listed under More

Make sure you click that tiny See More link under the interests to display any that are hidden.

Remove existing access to advertisers

The Review the advertisers you’ve interacted with section includes advertisers with your contact details. Hover over each advertiser’s tile and click Remove.

Lock down your information

Under Your information, which has two tabs: About you, and Your categories, you can stop advertisers from being able to see specific personal information.

Prevent targeted ads

You can also stop ads being displayed based on your actions within Facebook and around the web.

  1. Set Ads based on your use of websites and apps to No.
  2. Set Ads on apps and websites off the Facebook Companies to No.
  3. Set Ads with your social actions to No one.

Here are some additional steps you can take to protect your personal data on Facebook: