How to have private search in Safari

You can easily add a private search engine and to protect your privacy in Safari by installing the Findx extension.

The Privacy control extension for Safari by Findx both protects your privacy and prevents tracking when you are searching online.

Installing the Findx privacy extension for Safari

  1. Go to the Official Safari extension page for Findx Privacy Control
  2. Click Install 
You will now have easy access to private search in Safari, Findx also provides image search, video search and map search. 
In addition Findx Privacy Control enables tracking protection in Safari, and protects you from having your personal browsing history collected by online services.


If you want to try Findx private search engine, before you install the extension, you can open the search engine and try private search in Safari


Removing a Safari extension

If you no longer want to use Findx for Safari, you can easily remove it.

  1. Click on Safari -> Preferences, then click on Extensions.
  2. Select the extension from the list on the left, then click Uninstall.

This removes Findx completely from the list of available search engines, and resets your default search engine.



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