How to change the default search engine in Chrome

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You can easily change the default search engine and to more to protect your privacy in Chrome by installing an extension.

The official Findx extension for Chrome both protects your privacy and prevents tracking when you are searching online by setting Findx to be your default search engine and homepage.

Installing the Findx for Chrome extension

  1. Go to the Findx extension page in the Chrome Store
  2. Click on ADD TO CHROME, then click Add Extension.

Tip: Make sure you allow Findx to be used in incognito mode – this isn’t set by default:

  1. Click on Window -> Extensions.
  2. Ensure that the Allow in incognito mode checkbox is selected for the Findx extension.

Removing the Findx Chrome extension

If you no longer want to use Findx for Chrome, you can easily remove it.

  1. Click on Window -> Extensions.
  2. Click on the trash icon to the right of the Findx extension.

This removes Findx completely from the list of available search engines, and resets your default search engine.

Changing your default search engine

If you no longer want to use Findx as your default search engine, but still want to include it in the list of search engines, that’s easy.

  1. Click More in the toolbar, click Settings, then scroll down to the Search engine section.
  2. Click on Disable, then choose your new default search engine from the drop-down list.

Changing your homepage

If you want to use another page as your homepage, and not findx, you can easily change it.

  1. Click More in the toolbar, then click Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the On Startup section, then click on Add new page.
  3. Enter the address of your new homepage, then click ADD.