How to change the default search engine in Brave

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You can easily change the default search engine and to more to protect your privacy in Brave by changing your preferences.

Using Findx and Brave together protects your privacy more than using either Findx or Brave alone. 

  • When you search with Findx, your privacy is protected because your search history is never saved.
  • When you browse using the Brave browser, including when you click on a search result, the pages you visit can not track you – your browsing stays private.

Setting Findx to be the default search engine

  1. In Brave, click Brave -> Preferences.
  2. Click on Findx in the list of available search engines to set it as the default.
If you want to always use Findx to search, even when you are browsing using a private tab in Brave, disable the toggle under the Private Tabs section:  Use DuckDuckGo by default for search in Private Tabs with Tor.


Changing your default search engine

If you no longer want to use Findx for Brave, you can easily switch to another search engine.

  1. Click on Brave -> Preferences.
  2. Then click on the new default search engine you want to use.

Changing your home page to the Findx search engine

Your home page is automatically opened when you start the Brave browser. You can set your home page automatically go to the Findx search engine so you can search quickly and easily.

  1. Click Brave -> Preferences.
  2. Enter in the My home page is field.

Tip: If you want to easily return to your home page when you are browsing the web, enable the toggle to Show home button on URL bar.