How to browse privately in Safari

To protect yourself from tracking and regain some control over your privacy, you use private browsing windows in Safari with a few configuration steps.

Private browsing stops Safari from remembering the websites and pages that you visit, autofill information in forms, your download history, changes to cookie information, and it requests that websites Do Not Track you. This doesn’t stop websites or your employer from tracking which pages you visit – you are not anonymous when using the private browsing mode.

You can see if you are in a private browsing window when the smart search field at the top of your browser window is dark.

Note: You will need to start a new private browsing window each time you use Safari.

Open a new private browser window in Safari

  • Click File -> New Private Window (Shift+⌘+N)

Turn cookies off in Safari

You can disable cookies in Safari by changing a setting in the preferences.

  1. Click Safari -> Preferences, then click Privacy.
  2. Under the Cookies and website data option, choose Always block.

Disabling cookies in Safari can cause websites not to function correct, so a more safe way to avoid the so-called cross-site tracking is to got to the tab Privacy in Safari preferences and check Don’t allow cross-site tracking

Many websites needs cookies to function, but the som ethical responsible websites follow the Do-Not-Track standard and it’s possible to select to Ask websites not to track me in the Privacy tab.

Read more about using private browser windows in Safari here.

If you want to take further action, ad activate privacy in Safari then you should take a look at Findx Privacy Control for Safari, en extension that gives you an add free experience and block personalised ads


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