How to block cookies

Not all cookies are bad, and in fact, many are necessary – they let websites work the way you expect them to.  Without cookies, you can’t log into your online banking or shop online. 

But many sites set cookies that invade your privacy – those are the ones we want to be able to block. 

Cookies on BBC in Findx

You can easily block the bad cookies with an extension for your favourite web browser. 

Block cookies with a browser extension

The Findx Privacy Control browser extension has built in lists of bad (blacklisted) cookies that it blocks by default, so it’s easy to protect your privacy while you browse. 

You can get the Privacy Control extension for Chrome.

Simply install the extension in your browser, set the Standard level of privacy, and start browsing!

Protection level in Findx Privacy Control

Stronger privacy protection

For stronger protection for children, or perhaps your elderly parents, you can choose the For children setting. This blocks advertisements and restricts access to sites with adult content, in addition to blocking bad cookies and tracking scripts. 

Findx Privacy Control or children

Delete existing cookies

It only take a minute to delete the existing cookies stored by your browser as part of your online privacy tune-up.

List of third-party cookies in FIndx

We detail many other small and easy steps you can take to better protect your privacy in our other posts – take a few steps today to improve your privacy!

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