How do I delete cookies?

You’ve probably heard how advertising companies track you as you browse and search the web. They do this by storing cookies on your computer. It can be scary to think about just how much information advertisers can collect from you with just these little, invisible cookies.

Of course, there are useful cookies too, but sometimes it’s difficult to tell which is which.

You can manually delete your cookies from all browsers at the end of your browsing or searching session to limit the amount of information that is collected.

How to delete cookies in Firefox

  1. Click the menu button (☰) to the right of the toolbar, click History, then click on Clear Recent History.
  2. Set the Time range to clear drop down list to Everything.
  3. In the Details section, make sure that only Cookies is selected, then click Clear Now.

Read more about deleting cookies in Firefox here.

How to delete cookies in Chrome

  1. Click More in the toolbar, then click Settings.
  2. Near the bottom of the page, click Advanced.
  3. Under “Privacy and security,” select Content settings.
  4. Select Cookies.
  5. Under All cookies and site data, click Remove all, then click Clear all.

Read more about deleting cookies in Chrome here.

How to delete cookies in Safari

  1. Click Safari -> Preferences, then click Privacy.
  2. Under the Cookies and website data option, click Manage Website Data.
  3. Click Remove All, then click Remove Now.

Read more about managing cookies in Safari here.

Cookies on mobile devices

In your settings on iOS or Android you can set safari and Chrome not allow third party cookies. 


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