Get out of your filter bubble!

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A ‘filter bubble’ is like an echo chamber – you are shown search results, ads and web pages that your service provider thinks you want to see. What you see is not what your neighbour sees!

The explosion of ‘fake news’ is just a symptom of the filter bubbles created by the big search engines. The big search engines return results that are inherently biased based on the profile they have built on you – they want to make you click and keep using their services, so they show you what you are most likely to click on.

Even metasearch engines serve up those same biased results provided by the big search engines.

To avoid the filter bubble entirely, you need to use a truly independent search engine, and one that doesn’t record any data about you.

Findx is an independent private search engine – it is building its own index. The search results that you see are the same search results that everyone sees. Plus it complies with the strong European privacy laws, and never stores any of your personal data.

Filter bubbles, or even just biased results are not possible when you use Findx.