Get out of your filter bubble!

A ‘filter bubble’ is like an echo chamber – you are shown search results, ads and web pages that your service provider thinks you want to see. What you see is not what your neighbour sees!

The big search engines return results that are inherently biased based on the profile they have built on you – It’s is primarily done to make you feel you find relevant results. It is also very persuasive, and helps you think you find what you need, and keep using their services, so they show you what you are most likely to click on.

To avoid the filter bubble entirely, you need to find a search engine where you can disable personalised results.

This can be done on some search engines, our examples are:

How do private search engines make money?

If you want to use a private search engine, one of the question that often is askes is “How do they make money?”. There various ways a search engine can keep you privacy and make money. See the comparison chart and learn more about private search engines.

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