Data Privacy Day – January 28

We’re committed – are you? 

Data Privacy Day is on 28 January each year, where it initially commemorated the first binding treaty on privacy and data protection.

It’s now an international event that aims to raise awareness about data privacy and provide a platform where current privacy issues can be discussed.

Led by the National Cyber Security Alliance with their StaySafeOnline initiative, provides many educational resources and holds discussions throughout the year, and is focusing on the online activities of elderly, young, and teenage users this year.

“All tech users – especially vulnerable audiences like teens and seniors – need to take responsibility and protect themselves against cyber threats, scams and identity theft – not only during prime shopping time, but every day.”


ActivatePrivacy was created by Findx, to provide you with easy steps that you can take to protect your and your family’s privacy, data and safety online.

We recommend that you step through these activities and talk about the issues with your older parents, young children and teenagers to help them become more #PrivacyAware.

Want to join the discussion? Keep an eye out on social media channels for the #PrivacyAware hashtag, and share your tips or ask questions!

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