Check cookies on a website

When the GDPR came into force, it gave web users much more control over their privacy online, including over cookies. 

Data ethics researchers and specialists, as well as technical website developers need to check what cookies are being set by the websites they are analysing or building. Of course, you can always dig into the development tools, inspectors and preferences to see cookie data.

But there is a faster and easier method. 

Use a browser extension to see cookies

Whether you are just curious, or doing it for your work or research, having a tool that lists all the cookies with one click after you visit a site will save you much time and hassle. 

The Findx Privacy Control browser extension is available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Strongest, standard or a custom level of privacy?

The tool isn’t just for seeing what cookies are being set by a website, it can protect your privacy too! There are several privacy levels that you can use after you install the extension.

Findx Privacy Control or children

For children: Block advertisements and restricts access to sites with adult content, in addition to the standard level of protection. 

Standard: For the typical web user, a good level of privacy that protects you against cross-site tracking and non-useful cookies.

Custom: You choose your own white and black lists, set auto-deletion of cookies or add your own protection rules.

It’s easy to see whether a website is ‘safe’ for children, or whether it sets invasive cookies – simply use the For children level of privacy.

How to see cookie details

Cookies tab - animation

  1. Go to a website, click on the Findx icon near the address bar, then select the Cookies tab, if it isn’t already displayed. 
  2. Click the Cookies from this website drop-down list to see all of the different cookies that have been site by that site. 
  3. To see the details of one specific cookie, click the name of the cookie. You’ll see what type of cookie it is, who the host is, and when it expires, amongst other information. You can also choose to whitelist or blacklist it, this is use full for login cookies.

Use the Findx Privacy Control browser extension to check and review websites easily and see if they are complying with the GDPR. 

How to see third-parties cookies in your browser

With Findx you can get a look an overview of all the hosts including third-parties that store cookies in your browser List of third-party cookies in FIndx

  1. Click on the Findx icon near the address bar, then select the Cookies tab, if it isn’t already displayed. 
  2. Click the All sites with cookies in the menu, this will show you a list of all the different hosts that have placed cookies on your computer.
  3. To see the cookies from one specific host, click the name of the host. You’ll see what cookies the hosts has placed in your browser.  You can also choose to whitelist or blacklist the host. We recommend you start by deleting all the cookies by clicking the red bin button.

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